20 Individuals Caught Scavenging at Night in FCT, Apprehended by NSCDC

In an operation conducted by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), 20 individuals have been apprehended on charges of engaging in scavenging activities during nighttime hours.

At a press briefing held on Monday, Mr. Olusola Odumosu, the Commandant of the NSCDC FCT division, revealed that the apprehended scavengers, often referred to as “Baba Bola,” were captured at various locations across the territory during a midnight patrol conducted by law enforcement operatives.

Odumosu asserted that scavenging during nighttime hours is considered unacceptable within the FCT due to intelligence reports highlighting a pattern of vandalism, theft, and damage to manholes, street lights, and traffic lights occurring predominantly at night.

Furthermore, the Commandant emphasized that his division had received multiple reports detailing instances where criminals disguised as scavengers targeted citizens traveling during the night. To counter such activities, routine nocturnal patrols were implemented, yielding substantial success in conveying an unwavering message of zero tolerance towards criminal behavior within the FCT.

While addressing the matter, Odumosu underscored that the suspects had undergone thorough interviews and profiling investigations. Subsequently, they are set to be transferred to the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) for appropriate legal proceedings.

As a precautionary measure, he recommended that individuals lacking fixed residential addresses within the FCT relocate to their hometowns to avoid potential entanglements with the law.

Odumosu cautioned against placing trust in these scavengers, noting that certain malevolent elements exploit them as informants, thereby jeopardizing societal harmony.

The Commandant reaffirmed the NSCDC’s commitment to safeguarding vital national assets and infrastructures dispersed throughout the entirety of the FCT. He implored local organizations and communities to extend their support to the command in its ongoing battle against vandalism and criminal activities within the FCT.

Exhibits recovered from the arrested individuals, including damaged iron components, sacks, and waste materials, were cataloged by authorities as evidence of their alleged involvement in illicit activities.

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