2023 Presidency: Moghalu pays N25m, obtains ADC nomination form

A former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria in the person of, Prof.
Kingsley Moghalu, has officially joined
the race to succeed president buhari come 2023.

This intentions of his were made known having picked the N25m to presidential
nomination forms of the African Democratic Congress, ADC at the party’s national secretariat in Abuja where he noted.

“As president, I will reform the Nigeria
Police Force. I will increase the police from
250,000 to one million operatives. It is through effective intelligence gathering that we can fight terrorism and win”

“We will take out whatever threatens the
nation’s security, because the political will to secure Nigeria is there.”

“I would strengthen the leadership of the apex bank to achieve true independence, necessary for tackling the country’s hyperinflation”.

“Inflation is the most act on the poor. It erodes the ability of households to save and devalues the purchasing power of the currency. If there’s high inflation, then it is a performance failure. When I become the president, I will ensure we have an independent CBN with competent leadership,” he added.

tribes and religions, adding that it was high time technocrats, intellectuals and experienced people took power from Nigeria’s career politics.

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