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2023 Presidency should go to S-East ~ Falae

The former Minister of Finance in the person of faele just like former president as well has come out to express his opinions as to why the next president of the federation should come from the southern Eastern region

In her disclosure, she noted these has to be done for national unity and peace in the nation as the region hasn’t produced a president in recent times. In the words of his mouth.

“I expect that the South East will have a fair chance to ask for the president of Nigeria because in recent times the president has not come from the South East. I said in recent times”.

“For national unity and peace, yes, but the South East is not the only zone that has not produced the president in recent times. There are six zones now and in the recent past, the zones that have produced the president are the North-West,South West and South-South..

“The North-Central, North-East and South-East have not produced president in the recent times, so there are three that have equal rights to ask for it if we want to be fair”.

“If we want to use North and South, then it’s two North and South I insist it must come from the South because the present president is from the North”.

“However, if we are talking of zones within the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria, then we cannot limit it. We must look at all the zones that have not produced the president” he noted.

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