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2023: Presidential Aspirant Speaks on Delivering Justice, Restoring Peace to Nigerians

A media mogul aiming to be the party’s flag bearer of the Social Democratic Party.

Adewole Adebayo has said that justice is the pathway to restoring peace in Nigeria and in the world in general.

An aspirant in the 2023 presidential race, Adewole Adebayo the Chief Executive Officer of Kaft TV has disclosed that there would be nothing like peace until justice is made available and accessible for every random Nigerians.

Adebayo made this disclosure known during a meeting with the Hague Institute for innovation of Law (HIIL) in Abuja on dated the 28th day of March

The presidential aspirant noted that Nigeria should get everything right with its justice and legal system, thecountry can by extension serve as an example to neighboring countries and the World at large.

At the meeting themed, “A People-centred Justice Programme as a Component of Justice Vision for Nigeria”, the aspirant vying to be the party’s flag bearer of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) revealed his standard of what should be referred to as a just society.

In His words “My measurement of a just society is with what happens to the lowest person in the society. We need help in our access to justice, not because we don’t have access to justice but because the lowest people in my society do not have access to justice and when they do, it
is even not affordable.”

He further went on to note that “a country has to define itself, not by its Gross Domestic Product or economic strength but by how justice is delivered to
the downtrodden”.

“Nothing that the resource to do justice is inherent in man, and people can be taught how to live by justice”. He noted.

“There was a time we did not have many lawyers in Nigeria but we were getting more justice delivered; that was because what we practised at the time was not the justice of the law but the justice of

Adebayo added “if we follow it, we’ll be the most model country for justice but again, if you u do so, you would be disappoint politicians in the country because they are afraid of justice; and as a lawyer I would be out of job. But this sabotage has to end and we must join hands to say enough is enough.”

Also gracing the occasion was Senator Ugochukwu Uba, a former lawmaker who
represented Anambra south senatorial zone who disclosed that “justice is central to every activity of humans”

He added that “Anyone who is serious about turning society around must hinge suchefforts on justice.”

In his address, Samuel Muller, the chief executive officer of the HIIL said
that there is a staggering 95 per cent of people around the world who do
not go to court not because there are no courts but because they cannot
access or afford these service.

The 2023 presidential aspirant also further went on to note that “it is heartbreaking that a countryblessed with so many resources and money is still battling the ASUU strike”, laying emphasis on the need for leaders to pay attentionto the needs of women and vulnerable groups.

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