The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has reported a tragic loss of 31 lives due to road accidents in the time span of January to July this year.

Within this period, the FRSC has also verified that 274 individuals have sustained varying degrees of injuries as a result of road crashes.

Yelwa Dio, the FRSC’s Sector Commander in the state, shared these distressing statistics during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Yola.

During the same time frame, the command documented a total of 126 road accidents, involving 548 individuals.

The primary causes of these accidents, as cited by the sector commander, are excessive speeding, overloading of vehicles with passengers and cargo, improper overtaking, and the use of mobile phones while operating vehicles.

In light of these concerning developments, he strongly urged drivers and all road users to consistently adhere to traffic regulations in order to prevent unfortunate incidents.

He emphasized, “Drivers need to recognize that passengers deserve a safe journey to their destinations. Passengers, too, should take the initiative to remind drivers about the importance of consistently obeying traffic rules and regulations.”

The FRSC has taken the initiative to educate both drivers and the general public about traffic regulations through various channels, including media outlets, places of worship, and transportation hubs. This multi-pronged approach aims to effectively disseminate vital information and save lives.

It’s been observed that certain drivers have adopted the dangerous practice of excessive speeding, often driven by the increased fuel costs resulting from the removal of subsidies. This behavior, Dio cautioned, poses significant risks and tends to lead to more severe casualties in case of accidents.

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