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Nigeria Is In Need Of Governance ~ Jega

Nigeria can’t develop without good
governance -Jega

The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission of the previous government Attahiru Jega, has come out to disclose that governments at all levels have abandoned good governance.

He gave out his speech at the National Convention of the People Redemption
Party where he disclosed that our “Our government at the at the state, local and federal level have long abandoned governance,”

“And no country can develop without good governance,without good people driving good governance”.

“So I urge us to go back and realise that the work ahead of us is a lot; it may even seem difficult, but it is not impossible to do it.”

In other news, Alhaji Falalu Bello has been elected as the National Chairman of the People’s Redemption Party.

While showing his gratitude of being the selected one, Bello appreciated the party for granting him the opportunity to serve.

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