Annie Idibia Made Me Her Slave: Actress’ Brother Accuses Her 

Popular Nigerian actress and wife of Nigeria’s music icon Annie Idibia has find herself once again in a controversy that doesn’t looks like ending anytime soon.

The controversy the last time had to do with issues revolving around her marriage, but these time around it has taken a new twist as her elder brother, Wisdom in a recent video on his social media handle accused her of being violent, making him a drug addict as well as and not wanting him to progress

In the list of accusations tabled by her brother, he disclosed Annie refused to give him a car to work having turned him into an errand boy for years.

In the video which has now gone viral, he claimed he had rendered services to her of which he was never paid.

The troubled man also disclosed in his video that Annie’s husband, 2baba had recently given to him a little token after pleading for years of which has been used to settle his home.

The video which lasted for a duration of five minutes didn’t just end there as he further went to exclaim that he was
introduced to hard drug and substances by Annie of which she is also an addict.

According to what wisdom could be clearly heard saying in the video, he noted “She decided to take everything away from me. She took away the job, she wouldn’t give me a car. I’ve been begging my sister for a car to do.Uber for many years now so I can at least on my own provide for my family, provide for my wife and my three children, my sister has neverresponded to me. I came back to beg her to continue with the manager job that she offered me but at the end of the day she turned me to anerrand boy, she turned me to a slave and doesnt want me to stand on my own.”

He further went on to add that “The moment that she realised that her husband gave me small money, she blocked every means of communication with me and set me up to lose the only way I can feed my children.”

Wisdom further went on to solicit with Nigerians for help making his claims known that he onlywants to be able to stand on his own and fend for his family members.

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