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‘Any marriage upstanding, you will realise the woman is boss’ – Actor Jide Ekene drops interesting revelation

‘Any marriage upstanding, you will realise the woman is boss’ – were the interesting revelation made known by Nollywood Actor jide Ekene as he advice’s his fellow men.


This disclosure were made known by the actor during his media briefing of which he noted how he copes with the female gender in the industry who are always wanting something more from him.

According to him, “Hrmmm, the world is run by women to be honest, in every home now, for any marriage that is upstanding, you will realise the woman is boss as long as there’s love”


“I appreciate the love of all my female fans in everything but I can only belong to one person at the end of the day but I can also belong to all but not in every departments”


  • “Trust me like I have a foundation that support single mothers. You know people from single parents, who are finding it difficult,.so I understand these things so I want to work effectively. I prayed for this day, I did pray to be here to have this influence so the best way to return glory to God is to actually use it well.” he disclosed.
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