Arase assures PSC and NPF’s dedication to enhancing Nigeria’s safety.

Solomon Arase, the Chairman of the Police Service Commission, has characterized the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the recruitment of constables for the Nigeria Police Force as a decision that aligns with the nation’s best interests.

The Supreme Court issued this directive on July 11, 2023.

In a statement provided by Ikechuckwu Ani, the Head of Press and Public Relations for the Commission, Arase conveyed that the judgement “solidifies the resolution of this matter in a mutually beneficial manner for both institutions, which inherently rely on each other’s cooperation to fulfill their respective duties effectively.”

Looking ahead, Arase disclosed the establishment of a recruitment board, chaired by the Police Service Commission and featuring other relevant stakeholders as members. The board’s inauguration is imminent.

Arase emphasized that this board will meticulously evaluate candidates and ensure that only capable and qualified individuals from the general public are admitted into the ranks of the Nigerian police force, all while upholding the principles of Federal Character.

He remarked, “Prior to the court’s ruling, sincere efforts were already underway to find an amicable solution to this dispute between these two crucial institutions. The situation was regrettably embarrassing for the government and other stakeholders, as these two entities, meant to collaborate harmoniously, were embroiled in an unnecessary legal disagreement over an issue that should have been resolved through understanding, respect, and compromise.”

Arase stressed the critical importance of peace and harmony, particularly in the contemporary landscape of security provision. He explained that the Commission must provide a robust policy framework if the Nigeria Police Force is to be revitalized for greater efficiency and effectiveness. This is not just to address the multitude of security challenges facing Nigeria, but also to establish a responsive, accountable, and responsible police force for the citizens.

The statement underscored that “peace is a fundamental prerequisite for the growth and success of any institution in fulfilling its mandate.”

Furthermore, the statement highlighted that the Police Service Commission and the Nigeria Police Force are committed to nurturing and strengthening the newfound trust, confidence, and mutual respect that have emerged. These positive developments are poised to cultivate a culture of cooperation and collaboration between the two agencies, ultimately working toward achieving their mandated responsibilities for a more secure, prosperous, and safer Nigeria.

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