Bad Governance The Order Of The Day ~ Simi

In the recent outburst of grievances among Nigerians celebrities most especially that of notable figures such as DMW Boss as well as BANKY W regarding Bad governance.

Famous Nigerian singer and songwriter, Simi the mother of one has decided to follow suit with the trend as well as she complained bitterly of the state of Nigeria presently which she feels is not conducive for an average citizen.

In the words of the singer, choices made by leaders have killed so many dreams of young Nigerians leading to them being frustrated.

Supporting her own point of view, she highlighted the cost of fuel, ASUU strike amongst other things affecting the country, She further went on to add that for every one person that is living their dreams, there are thousands just trying not to die.

Expressing her grievances on her social media handle on her Twitter page, she wrote: “I think the most dangerous thing about Nigeria is that it has killed too many dreams. All the things that we’ll never get to see because the nation is not conducive enough for the average person to dream and build.

“For every one person that is living their dreams, there’re thousands just trying not to die. It’s a hard truth, but it is the truth.

“You can’t just say ‘Chase your dreams’ – when people are studying courses they settled for and then spend 8 years doing a four-year course, because of strike.

“You cannot just say ‘if you can think it, you can do it’ – when the capital you’re supposed to use to buy product has become fuel money. Can’t just say ‘Get up and make it happen’ when you spend half your adult life in senseless traffic on bad roads going to a job you hate.

“You cannot just say ‘Take risks’ when people just trying to get by are kidnapped and killed in broad daylight.

“I wish our leaders would actually settle down and think about how their choices not only affect the economy, and other obvious sectors of the country, but also how it’s destroying our potential for a great future.

“The ripple effect of wickedness is thorough. And when this generation of leaders finally gets old enough to leave us alone, I hope it would not be too late.”
She concluded.

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