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Banky W Slams Lagos State Government Over Plans To Reopen Lekki Toll Gate

Banky W Slams Lagos State Government Over Plans To Reopen Lekki Toll Gate

Renowned Nigerian musician Bankole welling popularly known as Banky W has come out to share his disgust regarding the government intentions to re open the Lekki toll gate sighting the pains young Nigerians had to pass through at that vicinity as his reasons

Pouring out his mind via his Twitter page, a post which has now gone viral the Lagos state based Singer has this to say

The intended resumption of collections at the Lekki toll gate is yet another
example of a serious lack of empathy by the Lagos State Govt. Life in
Nigeria has been extremely difficult. All things being considered, the timing
of this decision is just unfair,” he tweeted.

Lagos State is exhibiting a blatant disregard – not just for the pain felt by
all the young people who were hurt by the events of #EndSARS , but also
the pain and difficulty being experienced by the majority of Lagosians just
trying to survive in these difficult times,”

The announcement of Lagos state commissioner of information Mr. Gbenga Omotosho in which he stated the Lekki concession company (LCC) will open the toll gate on Friday the first day of the month of April in this present year 2022 for business activities to ensue.

He further went on to add that commuters would be granted access free access to and fro the toll gate for the first 2 weeks

Recall that, the Lekki toll gate is famously known as one of the grounds used for the#Endsars protest across the nation in the year 2022.

And was also infamously known as the ground where young Nigerians were killed after men of the Nigerian army fired shots at them.

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