BBNaija All Stars: Angel Declares Incompatibility with Soma

Big Brother Naija All Stars contestant, Angel, has disclosed that she and her romantic interest, Soma, do not share the compatibility needed for a serious relationship.

This revelation emerged shortly after Soma affirmed their relationship during a live show on Sunday, responding to queries from the show’s host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

When questioned by Ebuka about their relationship status, Soma openly acknowledged his romantic involvement with Angel. He admitted to being in a relationship with her when put on the spot.

Ebuka inquired, “Throughout the week, Angel expressed affection towards you, even saying ‘I love you’ at times. Are you both an official couple? Do you have a girlfriend in the house?”

Soma responded with a confident “Yes,” while Angel offered a smile.

However, in a conversation with Ilebaye the following Monday, Angel opened up about having a boyfriend outside the Big Brother house. She revealed that her relationship with him is devoid of the conflicts that she experiences with Soma. Angel also expressed the belief that the strong sexual tension between her and Soma might be mistaken for love.

Angel stated, “I don’t believe Soma and I share compatibility. It’s likely that we’re confusing sexual tension for genuine affection. Outside the house, I have a boyfriend, and our dynamic is nothing like this constant strife.”

The statement reflects Angel’s perspective on her connections both within and outside the Big Brother Naija house.

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