Benue APC Spokesperson Calls on PDP to Offer Solutions Instead of Criticism

Daniel Ihomun, the Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Benue State, spoke to JOHN CHARLES, discussing various matters including the current state of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), recent government actions, and the progress of the APC-led administration in the state.

Regarding the accusation made by the PDP that the APC government was silent about Federal Government palliatives for the state, Ihomun clarified that the acting Executive Secretary of the State Emergency and Management Agency, James Iorpuu, had stated that the state had not yet received these goods.

In response to questions about the conflicting statements made by the state governor regarding the receipt of 3,000 bags of rice for distribution, Ihomun explained that these bags were part of the 2022 Federal Government flood intervention brought to the state by the National Emergency and Management Agency. He emphasized that there were distinct interventions from the Federal Government.

Regarding the APC government’s performance and criticisms, Ihomun stated that the party was committed to fulfilling its manifesto and campaign promises. He acknowledged challenges inherited upon assuming office, such as salary arrears and infrastructure deficits. He highlighted recent actions, such as subsidized fertilizer distribution and attention to agriculture, indicating the administration’s commitment to improving the lives of citizens.

Addressing criticism of slow progress, Ihomun attributed this to the PDP’s past performance, suggesting that their poor governance was a reason for their defeat. He advised the opposition to offer constructive criticism, suggesting that they propose viable solutions rather than merely criticizing for the sake of it.

When asked about milestones achieved as the APC-led government neared its 100-day mark, Ihomun commended the governor’s efforts, pointing to achievements in areas like salary payment, infrastructure development, subsidized fertilizer distribution, and education initiatives. He expressed confidence that the administration would continue to work towards improving the state’s conditions.

Regarding perceived conflicts between the party and the government, Ihomun assured that both entities were collaborating synergistically for the state’s development, working together to serve the people’s best interests.

In response to the PDP’s claims that the APC government had disregarded past legacies, Ihomun highlighted the challenges faced upon taking office, including poor civil service motivation, salary arrears, and neglected critical infrastructure. He contrasted this with the APC’s efforts, such as providing farming support, timely salary payment, improved healthcare, and better waste management.

As for public confidence in the APC, Ihomun asserted that the Benue people were supportive of the current administration due to tangible improvements experienced across various aspects of life. He emphasized that the government was responsive to the people’s needs and was delivering on its promises, leading to enhanced public satisfaction.

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