Budapest Witnessed First US 4×100 Relay Sweep Since 2007

Sha’Carri Richardson and Noah Lyles spearheaded the United States’ consecutive triumphs in the 4×100 meter relay, achieving a momentous feat by securing victories in both short relays at the world championships. This marked the first time such a sweep had occurred since 2007.

Notably, Lyles accomplished an extraordinary 3-for-3 victory streak in the championships, a feat that hadn’t been achieved by any man since Usain Bolt in 2015. His mastery spanned across the 100 meters, 200 meters, and the 4×100 relay at the world championships.

Lyles completed the relay in an impressive 37.38 seconds and commemorated his achievement by raising three fingers aloft, a symbolic gesture reminiscent of Bolt’s spectacular accomplishment of clinching all three races at numerous championships and Olympic Games.

With his sights set on Paris 2024, Lyles aspires to replicate this exceptional success on the grand stage once again.

Following Richardson’s decisive crossing of the finish line, her teammate Christian Coleman engaged in a playful gesture by tackling her, resulting in both athletes momentarily falling to the track. Swiftly recovering, Richardson displayed her resilience, and the lighthearted episode elicited laughter all around. Her stellar performance in Budapest rewarded her with two gold medals along with a bronze in the 200-meter event.

The U.S. women’s team clocked an impressive 41.03 seconds in the 4×100 relay, narrowly surpassing Jamaica by a mere 0.18 seconds. The third spot was secured by Britain. In the men’s event, Italy secured a commendable second place finish with a time of 37.62, followed by Jamaica.

Despite the consistent presence of a formidable group of sprinters from the U.S., relay races have historically presented challenges, primarily pertaining to baton exchanges. Over the years, imperfect handoffs have resulted in the U.S. men’s team facing defeat in 12 world championships and Olympic events since 1995. Similarly, the women’s 4×400 team encountered difficulties during qualifying, leading to their unfortunate disqualification.

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