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Buhari Should Resign If He Can’t Tackle Insecurities ~ TUC Chairman

In the aftermath of him attending the burial ceremony of a fellow colleague, National President of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) Quadri Olaleye has called out on the President of the federation in the person of Muhammadu Buhari to resign if he cannot the security of it’s Citizens.

Olaleye expressed his grievances at the TUC National Secretary, Musa Ozigi who happens to be one of the fatalities killed at the terrorist attack on the Abuja-Kaduna bound train.

The TUC National President said addressed that the president was elected on his promises of tackling insecurity which has become worse ever since his emergency in office.

He said “We know we can’t change what has happened but we are pained because Government failed to rescue the situation”.

“If the Federal Government had listened and been proactive when we started shouting that Nigeria is no longer save, it would have rescued this reoccurrence”.

“Nigeria is no longer safe and we cannot continue with thissituation.Our children are kidnapped on their way to school, our wives are abducted on their ways to the market. A breadwinner of a family will leave home to move around and fend for his family, only to be killed in their prime”.

“I remember vividly that majority voted for Buhari in 2015 on his promises to curb insecurity, but look at where we are today. If he can no longer secure us, then he should resign”.

“I call on the Government to take a very drastic step todadress these insecurities. But if President Buhari led Federal Government does not have strategy, the ability and stamina to combat insecurity them he should resign.”he concluded.

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