Certain Ex-Governors in Tinubu’s Administration Seen as Detriments – Shehu Sani

Former National Assembly member, Senator Shehu Sani, recently discussed his perspectives on the coup in Niger Republic and the potential for a military intervention by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Speaking with JUWE OLUWAFEMI and GODWIN ISENYO, Sani also shared insights on other issues such as the Nigerian government’s consideration of war with Niger Republic and the current political climate.

When asked about the possibility of Nigeria going to war with Niger Republic, Sani emphasized the sensitivity of the situation, particularly in light of recent military takeovers in neighboring countries like Guinea, Mali, and Burkina Faso. He highlighted factors contributing to the collapse of democracy in West Africa, including violations of democratic values, poverty, and insecurity caused by terrorist groups.

Regarding Nigeria’s involvement, Sani pointed out that President Muhammadu Buhari’s threat of military intervention, in his role as ECOWAS Chairman, escalated tensions. Sani argued that this threat could be seen as a call for war, but the implications of such a move would be far-reaching, potentially involving other West African countries and leading to broader conflict. He stressed the consequences for Nigerian refugees in Niger Republic and the potential for increased terrorist activities if a war were to occur.

Sani also addressed the idea of Nigeria’s involvement in restoring democracy through military intervention. He suggested that Nigeria’s historical experiences with military rule and the complexities of regional dynamics make such intervention unfeasible and emphasized the need to support human rights and civil organizations in Niger Republic to restore democratic order.

Shifting to domestic politics, Sani discussed his assessment of President Bola Tinubu’s administration. He praised Tinubu’s decision to withdraw fuel subsidies but criticized the lack of coordination in managing the consequences of this move. Sani also expressed concerns about the appointment of former governors to ministerial positions, arguing that it undermines the selection of competent individuals based on merit.

On the issue of security challenges in Nigeria, Sani highlighted the persistence of terrorism, communal clashes, and separatist movements. He underscored the need for a capable defense minister with relevant experience and stressed the importance of transparency and accountability among politicians and government officials.

Sani concluded the interview by discussing his public disclosure of legislators’ allowances during his time in the Senate. He defended his decision, stating that transparency and accountability should be upheld in politics. Sani also reflected on his differences with former Kaduna State governor Nasir El-Rufai, citing ideological disagreements and policy choices that led to tension between them.

In essence, the interview delves into various political and security issues, offering Senator Shehu Sani’s insights and opinions on matters ranging from regional conflicts to domestic governance and transparency in politics.

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