Collaborative Efforts by ActionAid, Government, and CSOs to Alleviate Nigerians’ Suffering from Flood Disaster

Amidst the looming threat of another flood disaster in Nigeria, ActionAid Nigeria (AAN), a nonprofit organization, has assured the public of its collaboration with the government and various international entities. The commitment was articulated by the newly appointed Country Director of AAN, Andrew Mamedu, during an announcement by the Nigeria Board of Trustees, led by Dr. Jummai Ajijola.

Mamedu pledged to continue the positive work and impact established by his predecessors, specifically acknowledging the esteemed Ene Obi. He emphasized an open-door policy and a strong dedication to prioritizing the well-being of women and children throughout his tenure as Country Director.

In his remarks, Mamedu applauded the media for their robust partnership in amplifying AAN’s initiatives and making them widely known. He assured the audience of the organization’s intention to nurture and elevate this collaboration.

Mamedu articulated AAN’s ongoing commitment to foster both national and international partnerships and alliances aimed at addressing the fundamental causes of poverty and inequality within Nigeria. He reiterated that the organization’s primary focus would remain on marginalized and excluded individuals, especially women, girls, children, and persons with disabilities.

Discussing the impending flood challenges, Mamedu revealed that an approved strategy was already in motion for implementation. He noted that in the previous year’s flood incidents, AAN had successfully established a response team across several states, utilizing project-level resources and international support to address the issues. He highlighted the intensified engagement with government bodies, including the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the Ministry of Environment.

Mamedu stressed the importance of identifying suitable higher ground locations for evacuees, emphasizing the significance of keeping children in school and suggesting potential options such as utilizing NYSC camps or constructing new shelters.

Regarding the plight of flood victims, Mamedu shared that AAN was actively collaborating with partners, both within and outside the country, to raise funds and provide assistance. He revealed the focus on 11 states deemed at risk and affirmed the organization’s prioritization of vulnerable groups like women, children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, and young people.

Mamedu assured that AAN was vigilantly monitoring the evolving situation and would address emerging challenges promptly and effectively.

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