Corruption Remains a Major Obstacle in the Processing of Building Plans, Says BCPC

The Building Collapse Prevention Guild has raised allegations that deliberate obstacles have been introduced into the process of approving building plans to exploit applicants.

Joseph Akande, the Chairman of the Lagos Chapter of the Guild, issued a statement on Saturday, expressing concerns about the matter.

He stated, “We have uncovered evidence of intentional hurdles being inserted into the process of approving building plans, with the apparent intention of extorting money from applicants.”

Akande went on to highlight the attractiveness of corruption and the temptation it holds for individuals seeking quick and illegitimate financial gains. He also questioned the credibility of professionals who endorse or sign certifications for buildings they did not oversee.

Akande recounted instances where the Guild encountered corrupt practices within the industry. During a visit to building sites in Ebute-Metta, it was observed that certain structures lacked proper building plan approvals and were not constructed to standard. Instead of addressing the issues, developers attempted to offer monetary gifts to Guild members, which were declined. This occurrence was reported to the relevant authorities for necessary actions.

This event was discussed in a meeting of the chairpersons of seven professional bodies in Lagos State, comprising the built environment sector. They resolved that the Guild should develop strategies to avoid site monitoring until measures to resist temptation were devised. The priority was to safeguard the Guild from involvement in corrupt practices.

Akande also expressed reservations about the Certified Accreditor Programme introduced by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s administration. He cautioned against the perception that the program might be an opportunity for personal gain, raising concerns about potential favoritism and exclusion.

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