Enhanced Security Measures Implemented at Warehouses in Osun to Prevent Subsidy Palliative Looting

The Osun State Government has announced that it has implemented security measures to prevent potential looting of the rice allocated as palliative by the Federal Government in response to the removal of fuel subsidies.

This decision comes in the wake of recent reports of warehouse looting in Bayelsa state and the unauthorized taking of palliative supplies by certain individuals in the state.

In response to these incidents, Kolapo Alimi, the Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, emphasized that comprehensive security measures have been established, particularly in the vicinity of the state’s warehouses. Alimi further highlighted that the state government’s palliative committee is committed to keeping the public informed about developments concerning the arrival of new supplies in the state.

Alimi stated, “We have implemented robust security measures to deter any attempts to exploit the situation by those aiming to loot the available supplies, as we are also anticipating an additional shipment from the Federal Government.”

He continued, “Our security forces have been alerted and additional safeguards have been put in place around the warehouse areas to ensure the protection of the palliative items designated for the vulnerable members of our society.”

“Tomorrow, the palliative committee will provide the state’s residents with an update on the progress of the palliative distribution. We have received information that a new shipment is expected today (Monday), so once it arrives, we will communicate the latest developments to our constituents,” Alimi added.

The state government revealed that it has already received an initial batch of 3,000 bags of 50kg rice from the Federal Government. Additionally, a second shipment consisting of 14,516 bags of 50kg rice and 3,200MT of maize is anticipated. The palliative committee has chosen to postpone distribution until the entire consignment has arrived in the state.

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