Enoh Commits to Sustaining Sports Infrastructure

Sports Minister John Enoh has emphasized that his administration’s primary focus will be on the development of infrastructure and facilities, which he considers crucial for Nigeria’s sports success.

Enoh made this announcement in Abuja at the end of his first week in office.

The newly appointed sports minister took the oath of office from President Bola Tinubu, along with 45 other ministers, on the previous Monday.

Having previously served as a legislator in Cross River, Enoh expressed his commitment to prioritizing the enhancement of facilities and infrastructure.

According to Enoh, “Facilities and infrastructure play a pivotal role in sports, serving as variables that influence both top-tier performance and grassroots growth.”

He stressed the significance of meticulously managing existing facilities while striving to enhance them to meet international standards.

Enoh, who recently conducted an inspection of the Moshood Abiola National Stadium in Abuja, also shared his intention to evaluate the condition of various other sports facilities and infrastructure across the nation, aiming to elevate their standards.

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