Fatal Clash Between Soldiers and Residents in Lagos Results in Man’s Death

An unidentified man was reportedly fatally shot by soldiers in the Otto area of Lagos mainland after a confrontation with unidentified soldiers. According to sources, the soldiers had been deployed to provide security for Chinese workers engaged in maintenance work along the railway tracks. Tensions had been escalating between local residents, particularly a group referred to as ‘Omo onile,’ and the construction workers.

Sources suggest that the Chinese workers had opted for military assistance due to their perceived inability of the police to manage the disputes with the local boys. Benjamin Hundeyin, the Public Relations Officer of the Lagos State Police Command, deferred comment on the incident, indicating that the Railway Command held jurisdiction over the area.

The Railway Command’s response to inquiries was unsuccessful. However, an inside source from the police command, while confirming the incident, expressed concern over allegations of ongoing misconduct by soldiers in Lagos. The source lamented the situation, emphasizing the need for a halt to such occurrences, stating that soldiers involved in such missions didn’t wear identifiable tags, complicating efforts to trace or identify them.

A video recording of the incident obtained by the media depicts two soldiers in military uniform discharging their firearms in the vicinity, causing panic among the residents. An accompanying voice in the background exclaimed, “You can see. An officer has taken someone’s life. Look at this individual. They are taking lives.”

In another video clip, a lifeless body lies in a pool of blood, purportedly that of the man allegedly shot by the soldiers. Bystanders are seen gathered around the deceased individual, expressing their distress through wails and cries.

Despite attempts to reach out to Lt Col Ayeni, the spokesperson for the 81 Division of the Nigerian Army, there has been no response to calls and messages directed to his contact information.

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