Garcia Concurs with Osimhen’s Requests at Napoli

According to a report by PUNCH Sports Extra, Rudi Garcia, the newly appointed coach of Napoli, is in agreement with Victor Osimhen, the Nigerian striker, who emphasized the importance of continuous improvement for the team.

Garcia’s home debut as Napoli’s coach resulted in a 2-0 victory over Sassuolo. He took the reins from Luciano Spalletti, who led the team to a Scudetto victory. Prior to this, Garcia had already overseen a remarkable 3-1 comeback win in the season opener against Frosinone.

While the victory over Sassuolo might seem straightforward on paper, Osimhen’s penalty conversion and Raspadori’s missed spot-kick, along with Kvaratskhelia’s impactful assist to Giovanni Di Lorenzo, highlighted the intricacies of the match.

At the conclusion of the game, Osimhen’s frustration with a breakdown in a particular play showcased his unyielding desire for improvement. Garcia acknowledged Osimhen’s sentiment, stating, “He (Osimhen) is absolutely right!”

Garcia further elaborated, “We secured the victory and accumulated six points while facing minimal risks—these are all positive aspects. However, there is room for improvement in our attacking plays. Today, we managed to get only a fraction of our shots on target, reminding us that scoring goals requires hitting the target.”

Osimhen, who successfully converted the first penalty, chose to pass on the opportunity for the second penalty, offering it to his teammate Giacomo Raspadori. Garcia praised this gesture, highlighting Raspadori’s selfless decision and his focus on team success. He also commended Raspadori’s versatility as an attacking player who can contribute across various forward roles, offering support to Osimhen.

Garcia’s insights extended to Kvaratskhelia, emphasizing the need for unpredictability and tactical versatility from the player. He noted, “Kvaratskhelia should keep his opposing full-back guessing and create an atmosphere of constant uncertainty. His dribbling is already unpredictable, but there’s potential for more tactical unpredictability.”

Osimhen’s impressive start to the season includes three goals in the initial two games. Notably, his goal against Sassuolo marked his 100th club goal, an achievement that aligns him with Nigerian football legends Rashidi Yekini and Nwankwo Kanu.

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