God finally answered my prayers” ~ Ranti Jacobs

“God finally answered my prayers” were the words of US based nollywood Actress  in the person of Ranti Jacobs in the aftermath of her getting entangled in holy matrimony with Computer Engineer Omotayo Agbaminoja.

The wedding ceremony which happened in a grand style manner took place in the city of Georgia as prominent personalities honored the invitations to grace the Wedding ceremony.

In a post shared via her Instagram handle, the actress noted  “God finally answered my prayers. Thank to everyone who showed up for us. The number of experiences I have been through was complex for me to share my Deuteronomy. These scripts hold my emotions, but for you are my Joshua whom the Lord has sent to salvage my quest of childbearing and husbandry”.

“For it took me a while to truly understand you. I pledge to never fall in love with you but rather continue to grow in love with you; I promise always to catch you before you stumble and lift you over every threshold”.

“It’s my utmost pleasure to say I do today; I will and always will. We both became the judges of our past, and, in the end, I chose to be your Ruth”. She cautioned.

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