Governor Yahaya: Gombe Ultra-Modern Motor Park Sees N7.6 Billion Investment

Gombe State Governor, Inuwa Yahaya, revealed that the state government has expended a total of N7.6 billion on the construction and outfitting of the modern motor park within the state. The announcement came during his inspection of the park’s facilities over the weekend.

Expressing his concern over the delayed progress of the project, Governor Yahaya admonished the contractor for falling behind schedule. He emphasized that the state government can no longer tolerate such delays, as his administration is determined to ensure the park’s completion and utilization for the public’s benefit.

“We have committed N7.6 billion to this project, and the contractor’s lack of progress is no longer acceptable,” Governor Yahaya stated firmly. He further added, “We are eager to make this facility operational and valuable to our citizens.”

Addressing the contractor’s promise to finalize the project by September, Governor Yahaya issued a warning, stating, “I will hold you accountable if the project is not delivered by the end of September. N7.6 billion is a substantial amount of money.” He emphasized that the contractor should fulfill the September deadline, especially considering there are no outstanding payments.

Governor Yahaya explained that a committee has been established by the state government to facilitate the smooth transition of existing parks within the metropolis. Consequently, he emphasized the importance of meeting the September deadline, as this transition is contingent on the completion of the new park.

The governor highlighted the endorsement of key stakeholders in the transportation sector, who view the project as beneficial for employment generation and improved mobility within the state.

Governor Yahaya shed light on the financial aspects of the project, stating that the N7.6 billion investment was funded through a bond. He mentioned that the government has begun making post-dated payments in installments for the project.

Governor Yahaya also disclosed that the management of the motor park has been entrusted to Gombe Revenue Optimisation Company Limited. This collaboration aims to gradually recover the invested funds over time, given the substantial magnitude of the project’s investment.

The governor’s visit included an inspection of other ongoing projects within the state capital, encompassing the Sharia Court of Appeal, Bauchi Motor Park, and various road projects in Gombe’s metropolis.

The ultra-modern motor park, situated along Dukku Road, is slated to replace three major motor parks—Bauchi Motor Park, Dukku Motor Park, and Dadinkowa Motor Park—once it is completed. The park boasts an array of facilities including road networks, 250 shops, a clinic, a 100-person capacity hotel, a fire service station, a trailer park capable of accommodating 2,500 trailers simultaneously, and a police outpost.

Initially awarded during Ibrahim Dankwambo’s administration in 2012 for a contract sum of 3.2 billion naira, the project’s costs have escalated to nearly 2.8 billion naira, reaching a completion status of 43 percent before reportedly being abandoned.

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