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Hushpuppi commits 232 Million Naira fraud from inside US prison

Famous Nigerian Instagram celebrity who was arrested for fraud has been charged with 400k$ fraud, which is worth approximately 232 million Naira. This act was committed while the Victim was in the US prison.

Note, it’s the right of every US prisoners to have access to the Internet, make calls, video call and more without being monitored, Hushpuppi was also granted the same privilege.

It was stated that, between the space of January 14 to 4th match, hushpuppi made used of the Internet a lot, which triggered the security officers at the US Federal correctional facility to take thorough investigation, which stated that Hushpuppi bought a total of 58 EIP debit cards from an underground cyber criminal marketplace named StimulusCard (“”) which worth a total of $429,800.


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