I Don’t Like Stereotyped Roles ~ Actress Munachi

The actress is set to feature once again in the newly released Emmanuel Chidiebere Nwosu directed thriller ‘Obsession’.

The beautiful model who has opted for a career in the Nollywood Industry Munachi Abii has revealed the disgust she has for stereotyping in acting.

In her media briefing with media agency HipTV.com disclosed that while it might turn out good for some actors, it doesn’t for her as she prefers taking on different roles at different occasions.

In her words “Personally, I don’t like stereotyped roles even though it works for some actors. If your niche is to play a mean character and you are good at that and it’s your strength, by all means expand on it, build a home there and make it your own. I think in that type of scenario it’s okay to be stereotyped . This is because that’s what you choose to be”.

“There are actors who intentionally do not want to be stereotyped but theindustry forced them to be stereotyped. For instance, if you are not good at playing love character, chances are that they see you in that light but they have not seen you in another light before assuming that’s the best you can do”.

These are the type of roles you will be getting. So it’s up to you to see beyond that love character, take a chance on yourself to prove them wrong. For me, I don’t like to be stereotyped in movies,” the actress added.

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