I Had To Convince My Parents I Wasn’t Sleeping Around ~ Asa

In the aftermath of the release of her much anticipated Album, Popular Nigerian female artiste Bukola Elemide, with her stage name Asa, has revealed that because of the perception held by members of the public at large that female artistes who rose to the peak of their careers must have slept around, she founded it difficult convincing her family otherwise.

Speaking with the media agency and news outlet CNN’s Zain Asher at the Access Bank International Women’s Day conference held Lagos state, Nigeria this past week she said, “In Paris, I don’t think about gender, I have to fight being from Nigeria. Gender is not a problem. In Nigeria, I have to fight gender.” she mentioned.

The musical sensation and multi-award-winning artiste, who recently released her much anticipated fifth album titled, V also pointed out that her gender had a phycological effect on her behaviour in the early days of her career.

She said, “I was very aware of my femininity, so when I went into studios, I usually wore baggy clothing because I did not want to accentuate the fact that I was female. I did not want to bring attention to myself; I just wanted to do my job.”

According to the music icon, her sense of fashion led men to question her sexuality. “Some men would comment, ‘Are you even a woman? What’s wrong with you’?

She further went on to add “People think if one is a female artiste, one is sleeping around, so I had to prove that to family.”

Asa also brought to notice that she struggled with her parents’ attitude regarding her upbringing, particularly having a disciplinarian father. “It was a bootcamp at home. He made us eat beans for a year, and insisted on the home help putting weevils (on), sprinkling them as protein,” she said.

She furthermore went on to add that she was constantly groomed to be a wife even from her childhood days

She said, “One has to learn how to cook for one’s husband. One has to be sweet for one’s husband, and I was like, ‘Am I going to do all this for one person? And I don’t even know who the person is’.”

Asa in conclusion also hammered on inequalities impeding the musical Industry as she maintained that women still do not get equal opportunities in comparison to their male counterpart.

She added, “I want to see women selling whiskey and being ambassadors for such brands. I do enjoy an occasional whiskey, so why shouldn’t I be a brand ambassador for that? Why should it always be males? Women enjoy those things.

“However, I think we can find a balance. Nobody is saying with the new wave of feminism, women have to be on top. I am just saying we could be equal and respect one another” she concluded.

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