“I never slept with your friend” – Kaffy’s ex-husband

“I never slept with your friend” were the affirmations of Kaffy’s ex-husband as he came out to voice his sincere opinions as regards to each and every accusations labelled at him.

This disclosure of the ex husband were made known in the aftermath of the dancer gracing her interview with Chude Jideonwo, of which she narrated her ordeal to the crisis revolving around her marriage then.


Taking to the social media platform Instagram, Papii Ameh, the ex husband of the dancer debunked the accusations labelled against him by the dancer in the interview of which she stated he had an affair with her friends.

In his post, he noted “I will make this as brief as possible. I made a lot of silly mistakes in my life and in my marriage,’ take full responsibility of all my foolishness with absolutely no excuses..”

However, i never slept wit your best friend or close pals-neither have I ever been violent towards you,contrary to the narratives flying around about me”.


“Anyway, It has been a year since the marriage officially ended. I’ve tried to move on and I do advise you do the same too. i wish all the very best to both of us as we move on maturely”.

“The end of our marriage should not be the end of our lives. This is the first and last time I will speak on this subject” he posted.

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