‘I was born gay and I am still gay’ – Uche Maduagwu

‘I was born gay and I am still gay’ Were the shocking revelation of Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu as he makes U-turn after denying such claims earlier.

It is worthy to note that sometime last year, the actor came out to claim that he is 100% gay when he noted “I was arrested, beaten for 3 hours and told to deny being Gay…I am 1000% GAY not even buhari can take
away my Jesus given identity #ImpeachBadPresident”

Only to come out once again to deny being gay claiming that he was only fighting for the LGBT community of which had resulted in him losing a whole lot of movie roles.

In yet another turn of event, the actor is claiming to be gay once again as he condemns the Sharia court ruling that sentenced a man in Bauchi to death for being gay being gay when he noted

“Dear President Joe Biden, we need the US government to sanction President Buhari and his top advisers over ignoring
he Fundamental Human rights of #LGBT in Nigeria”


“just few days ago, a Sharia court sentence #Gay men to be STONED, is this our country a #Democracy or #Banana Republic?”

“Yet, our President and his CORRUPT ministers kept quiet, he keeps traveling to different developed countries like KUNU Mosquito, yet he never borrow wisdom from these countries RESPECT for Human Right”


“The same set of people who gives judgement for Gay people to be STONED are the same that takes laws into their hands all in the name of Christian blasphemy on Mohammed, when will this madness stop? He asked.

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