‘I’ll never drive at night again’ – Lizzy Gold

‘I’ll never drive at night again’ were the words of Nollywood actress Lizzy Gold as she narrates her ordeal as to how she was attacked by armed robbers on her way to a movie set.

Taking to her Instagram handle, the nollywood actress and mother of two explained how it all happened when she embarked on a night journey to Enugu State from Asaba, Delta State.

According to her, “Hello everyone good morning. Please let’s be security conscious. No where is safe. Two days ago which is on Sunday, I wrapped up my girlfriend’s production. I told them I was leaving for Enugu because I had a job that I was going for”


“The have been waiting for me for like three days. Destiny, Mary, they told me not to travel in the evening. If I leave now that I will get to Enugu very late. I told them I needed to go because there is no movement on Monday”

“So, I told them I needed to go. And I left. I was on traffic in the head Bridge for like two hours. I successfully passed the traffic. I got to a route you would take to go to Awka. It is Usually very fast for me so, I passed the road. I met another Traffic there”


“So, I was on traffic for another one hour. It Was dark. It was 8.30pm. All of a sudden, I heard a very loud bang on my side glass window. I was shocked. So I Winded down. I was like hello, then a guy came and said,’


“do you know you are on wrong lane? He was trying to bend my side mirror. So, I started begging. I told him I saw other cars passing through same lane. The next thing, I wanted to wind up and he put my hands down and came in”


“Brought his head inside. My PA was seated besides me. His partner went to the order side of the window. So, the guy brought his head inside the car and said, if you make any noise, I will shoot you. He brought a gun and pointed at my stomach and told me to bring out everything that I have”


“He said I should give him my phones. I told him to take money instead of my phone because he would not be able to use the iPhone..I brought money out, as I was giving it to him”

‘He said I should tell my brother to bring out all the money he has. I told him the PA is not with any money. I begged them after they threatened to kill me.” she added

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