Intrigues Abound as Sanwo-Olu’s Cabinet Seeks to Clear Omotoso, Adeyoye, and More

Approximately one month after Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu sent a list of 39 names to the Lagos State House of Assembly for approval to form his cabinet, the competition for these positions seems to have escalated, as there are indications that some previously rejected nominees might be reconsidered for confirmation.

Recalling recent events, it is noted that the Assembly members had declined 17 out of the 39 cabinet nominees, while the remaining 22 were granted approval.

According to sources, certain nominees were disqualified by legislators due to allegations of improper handling of financial transactions and a lack of involvement in party activities.

Furthermore, certain Assembly members expressed discontent over the perceived exclusion of their districts and party loyalists from the list. They also criticized the omission of specific regions within the state in the nomination list.

Among these concerns, some members called for a review of the list, while others advocated for the inclusion of the nominees’ respective Local Government Areas alongside their names.

However, during the Assembly’s deliberations, Speaker Mudashiru Obasa addressed his colleagues who were dissatisfied with the list, pointing out that not every Local Government Area in the state could have a representative commissioner.

During a plenary session, Speaker Obasa acknowledged that the nominees’ LGAs should be indicated on the list, but he reminded his colleagues that while Governor Sanwo-Olu had the authority to nominate individuals who could collaborate with him, it was the responsibility of the legislators to assess and confirm their suitability.

In the meantime, recent reports suggest that a few of the initially rejected nominees may find themselves cleared and endorsed when the Assembly reconvenes tomorrow.

Reliable sources, who shared information with SundayVanguard, indicated that the leadership of the APC in the Governor’s Advisory Council, backed by the support of President Bola Tinubu, has intervened in the situation with the intention of resolving the deadlock.

These sources also mentioned that some individuals, including the former Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Gbenga Omotoso, and the Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor on Works, Aramide Adeyoye, could be re-evaluated for consideration. It is speculated that Omotoso, despite being the last nominee to undergo screening, is likely to eventually secure a spot on the list due to intervention from influential figures.

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