“It is exhausting and never ending” Singer Mocheddah talks about the challenges of motherhood

“It is exhausting and never ending” were the revelation of singer Mocheddah as she voices her opinion as to why she feels motherhood isn’t quite an easy journey.


Originally known as Modupe Oreoluwa Oyeyemi Ola, the singer who welcomed her child in the month of November just last year cried out on the various challenges of being a mother.


Taking to her Instagram handle, the singer captioned herself on vacation, narrating how grateful she is to have a support system in her motherhood journey.

In her words, “Mummy T is outside. Honestly, mothers are everything. After having a baby, the word “exhausted” had a new meaning, and I asked myself, when would this end?”


“I looked up, and I saw my mother. News flash, mothering doesn’t end! Thankful for my support system in this journey called motherhood”. She explained.

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