“It’s been quite emotional for me as I have been battling….” Kemi Korede Opens up

“It’s been quite emotional for me as I have been battling….” were the emotional moments shared by Nollywood actress Kemi korede as she pens touching note to her fans and follower’s.

This disclosure were made known by the actress in the aftermath of her wedding-like birthday party of which she was shown love and attention by her friends and fans likewise.

Taking to Instagram handle, she noted “It’s been quite emotional for me as I have been
battling with where to start & how to pen down my words continuously tried to stop tears from running down my face but my attempts constantly falls”


“I can CONFIDENTLY say that God loves me SPECIALLY!!!! First, I want to thank the Almighty God for His mercy & grace upon my life. ‘ALLAHU AKBAR’ without Him. I won’t be known, seen or heard”


“I am the one who God has FAVORED. Words fail me, I am beyond grateful to each & everyone of you for overwhelming love enormous support both in gifts, cash & words of encouragement from far & near”


“It is no longer news that God has blessed me with the BEST GOD father, daddies, mummies, egbons, colleagues, & fans. Ahhhhhh!! I am still reeling from the shock y’all have me yesterday. My party was like a movie..”


“O kpuuuuur Two seconds everywhere scatter. Gbogbo yin ti eso mi di eyan iyi, Oju Onii to yin o. Ile ise yin oni jona. Owo oni tan lapo yin May God make your ways prosperous. May God honor you & crown your effort with good success. Thank you for honoring my invitation. I LOVE YOU ALL TILL INFINITY”. She shared.

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