K1, Pasuma, and Osupa Reconcile Differences, Celebrate Together at Party

Excitement swept through the realm of fuji music enthusiasts this week as images and videos emerged online, showcasing a remarkable reunion of iconic fuji musicians. Among them were Wasiu Ayinde, renowned as K1 de Ultimate; Saheed Okunola, recognized as Saheed Osupa; and Wasiu Alabi, famously known as Pasuma.

Given their well-known history of strained relations, many were taken aback by the sight of these three music giants sharing the stage at the 50th birthday celebration of the Islamic vocalist, Ahmad Alawiye.

The celebratory event featured an array of distinguished fuji artists who took turns to captivate the audience. As K1 de Ultimate, also honored as the Mayegun of Yorubaland, took center stage, he was joined by the harmonious presence of Pasuma and Saheed Osupa.

While K1 charmed the attendees with his performance, Saheed Osupa moved among the crowd, engaging in warm interactions and playfully showering naira notes upon some of his acquaintances. In a touching gesture, he handed a bundle of currency to K1, an act that inspired K1 to sing his praises.

With Osupa serenading him, K1 gracefully pulled Pasuma into their circle, enveloping both vocalists in a dance that radiated unity and camaraderie. The baton of performance was then passed to Osupa, who continued to dazzle the audience, while Pasuma infused the ambiance with his rhythmic movements and melodies.

Witnesses at the event were awe-inspired by this reunion, with some enthusiastically encouraging the trio to collaborate on new musical projects. Such an endeavor, they believed, would serve as a testament to the fact that the once-publicized divisions within the fuji music sphere had been relegated to history.

Looking back, it’s worth noting that Pasuma and Osupa experienced a fallout several years ago, a discord that led to the release of songs and albums critiquing each other. This discord also extended to K1, primarily due to his proximity to Pasuma.

Among the notable figures present at the event were Musiliu Akinsanya, also known as MC Oluomo, who chairs the Lagos State Parks and Garages; esteemed actress Fathia Balogun; and another fuji luminary, Sulaimon Adekunle, famed as KS1 Malaika.

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