Kwara Commissioner of Police Identifies Individual Who Menaced Traditional Believers as a Sought-After Extremist

Kwara State Police Commissioner, Ebunoluwarotimi Adelesi, has classified Salam Ayodeji as a wanted individual after he allegedly issued threats to traditional practitioners in Ilorin. The Commissioner has categorized Ayodeji as a terrorist and demanded that his family produce him within three days. The State Police Command has initiated a search to locate and apprehend him.

The incident centers around Ayodeji’s visit to a shop owned by Tajudeen and his wife in Alaran compound, Ilorin, where they sell television sets. During a meeting with the families of Ayodeji, the Alaran family, and the traditionalists, the Commissioner rebuked Ayodeji’s family for not dissuading him from engaging in what she described as criminal behavior. She emphasized that his actions could potentially disrupt the state’s peace and order.

The Commissioner questioned the motives behind Ayodeji’s actions, asking whether his actions were prompted by the fact that Tajudeen’s wife hailed from Osun state, insinuating that she practiced traditional beliefs. She criticized the Alaran family for evicting the couple and refunding their rent against their wishes.

The Commissioner directed Ayodeji’s family to locate and present him to the police by the end of the week. She also disclosed that a manhunt was already underway to locate Ayodeji.

Ayodeji’s family reported that they had been searching for him since the previous Friday, as he had not returned home and his phone was unreachable. Tajudeen, the shop owner, expressed resignation and placed the matter in God’s hands, noting that Ayodeji’s family had asked for forgiveness.

Earlier, the spokesperson of the Kwara State Police Command, Ajayi Okasanmi, had informed journalists that the Muslim cleric’s claim of having approval from the Commissioner of Police to threaten the traditionalists was false.

The Muslim cleric, Ayodeji, had appeared in a video with others, asserting that the Commissioner of Police was aware of their visit to the shop. He accused the traditionalists of conducting traditional religious meetings in the shop while using the sale of television sets as a cover. He demanded that the shop occupants vacate within a week and threatened dire consequences if they failed to comply.

In the video, the cleric, dressed in white jalabia attire and holding a stick, stated that the Commissioner of Police was informed of their visit. He urged the Alaran family to expel the traditionalists from the area and cautioned against the consequences if the shop remained open upon their return.

The traditionalists present in the shop during the incident remained silent while the cleric issued his threats. Some members of the Alaran community also discouraged any attempts to damage the television sets.

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