Lagos Government Empowered to Detain Vehicles Lacking License Plates

The Lagos State Government has taken a decisive step to enhance road safety and security by instructing law enforcement agencies to apprehend motorists who are driving vehicles with defective or missing registration number plates. This move comes as the misuse of number plates has become increasingly prevalent.

Mr. Abdulhafiz Toriola, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation, highlighted the urgency of this measure during a conversation with journalists. He referred to Section 16 of the 2018 Lagos State Transport Sector Reform Law, emphasizing that vehicles lacking proper number plates could potentially be exploited for criminal activities that might prove difficult to trace.

Toriola underscored the primary purposes of registration number plates, which are to facilitate accurate identification and bolster security, given that each plate is unique to a specific vehicle. He made it clear that law enforcement agencies have received a clear mandate to take action against violators. Toriola also appealed to vehicle owners to cooperate with the State Government’s efforts to reinforce the existing security framework.

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