Living in Nigeria is frustrating and weakening my spirit – Actress Jemima Laments in Frustration

Living in Nigeria is frustrating and weakening my spirit were the outcry of Nollywood Actress Jemima Osunde as she out cry over the poor living condition of the country.


Emphasizing on the need for Nigerians to get their PVC, the actress noted that Nigeria is a tough place to live as regards to our Mental, physical, rmotional and financial well being.


In her words, “Nigeria!!!!!! Bruh! This place is tough. We’re mostly in a constant state of fighting for our Mental, physical, emotional, financial well being”

“To start counting the many many things that aren’t right in Nigeria will frustrate and weaken your spirit. I see why people on twitter find a way to make jokes out of even the darnest situations cause if you don’t laugh you will most definitely cry and I personally prefer to laugh”

‘Someone said something, “even your money isn’t a guarantee for your safety here anymore. We’re all in this mess together and I 100% agree. Ehen it comes down to it, all of us are suffering and not dafe🥲🥲🥲. Gods mercies are sufficient in Jesus name 🙏🏾”


“I pray for everyone reading this. For everyone fighting to stay alive & afloat in this country. I pray for myself and I pray for you. All I can do now is pray and hold on TIGHT to my PVC”

“Last slide is one of the barest minimum things that now gives me joy cause this place is a mad jungle! This is where
we’re at now.” she noted


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