Miyetti Allah Calls for Creation of Truth and Reconciliation Commission Amidst Insecurity Concerns

The Miyetti Allah Association has issued a call for the establishment of a National Truth and Reconciliation Commission aimed at initiating a comprehensive process of healing and reconciliation within rural communities affected by insecurity.

This appeal was expressed through a statement released at the conclusion of the organization’s Annual General Meeting and Delegates Conference held in Abuja on Monday.

The joint statement was signed by the National President, Alhaji Abdullahi Bodejo; National Secretary, Malam Saleh Alhassan; and National Deputy President, Malam Mansur Abdulkarim.

The association also urged security agencies to begin meticulously documenting instances of violence against pastoralists. This includes collecting evidence and pertinent information to identify the individuals responsible for such acts of violence.

“In the strongest terms, the delegates denounce all forms of violence and encourage peace-loving individuals to foster a sense of unity and peaceful coexistence in our communities. Delegates wholeheartedly reject the ongoing profiling of the Fulani ethnic group by certain media outlets, particularly within social media platforms, and call on the press to verify the accuracy of such narratives.”

“Delegates express concern about the persistent extrajudicial killing of Fulani pastoralists by security agencies and implore the National Human Rights Commission to investigate these transgressions and ensure that justice is upheld,” the statement said.

The association praised the appointments of the National Security Adviser, Malam Nuhu Ribadu, and the Ministers of Defence. In this regard, the association urged them to leverage their extensive expertise to tackle the prevailing insecurity issues in the nation.

While affirming its commitment to supporting the policies and initiatives of the Federal Government to address challenges within the livestock sector, the association requested to be included in President Bola Tinubu’s renewed agenda of hope.

Furthermore, the association endorsed the nationwide implementation of the Miyetti Allah Vigilante to collaborate with security agencies in combatting criminal activities, including cattle theft, abductions, and rural banditry.

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