Naira Wraps Up the Week with a Downward Trend

Naira’s Value Slips Against Dollar, Closes at N778.42 at the Investors and Exporters Window

In a downward movement, the Nigerian naira experienced a depreciation against the US dollar on Friday, with an exchange rate of N778.42 at the Investors and Exporters window.

This marked a decline of 0.87% in comparison to the previous day, when the naira traded at N771.69 for a dollar.

The day concluded with an open indicative rate of N773.29 to the dollar on Friday.

During the day’s trading session, the peak exchange rate was N799.90 for a dollar, although it eventually settled at N778.42.

Conversely, the naira achieved a minimal exchange rate of N700 to the dollar within the same trading day.

The Investors and Exporters window saw a total trading volume of 73.80 million dollars on Friday.

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