Niger Delta Minister reaffirms dedication to serving the region

Niger Delta Development Minister, Abubakar Momoh, reaffirmed his dedication to maintaining stability in the nation’s oil-rich region in a statement issued on Sunday in Abuja.

Praising Edo and Delta states for marking their 32nd year since establishment, the minister encouraged residents of these states to ponder the triumphs and hurdles they’ve conquered throughout this period.

“Today signifies a significant juncture in the chronicles of our cherished region, as we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Delta and Edo states’ formation from the former Bendel State. This occasion carries profound importance, not only in commemorating our shared journey but also as a representation of our united strength and the potential for advancement in the future.

“As the overseer of Niger Delta Development, I extend my warm felicitations and compliments to the remarkable populace of Delta and Edo states. This anniversary serves as a moment for us to contemplate the strides we’ve undertaken, the obstacles we’ve surmounted, and the ambitions we harbor for the future of our states.

“The establishment of Delta and Edo States has bestowed upon us the privilege to shape our destinies, harness our resources, and nurture our distinct identities. We bear witness to the growth and progress achieved over these years, thanks to the collective endeavors of our citizens.”

He appended, “My resolve lies in ensuring the perpetual flourishing and prosperity of the Niger Delta region. Let us embrace this anniversary as a reminder of our common objective and an urging to collaborate for the advancement of our communities. Through joint efforts, ingenuity, and unwavering commitment to progress, we can build upon the foundation laid by our predecessors and forge a brighter future for generations to follow.”

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