Niger NLC Resolute in Ensuring Government Adheres to N200,000 Minimum Wage Payment, Contingent on…

Idris Lafene, the Chairman of the Niger State chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress, has stated that Labor will enforce the payment of N200,000 by the Niger State Government if the law is enacted.

Lafene conveyed this message during a telephone interview with The PUNCH on Sunday. He emphasized that the state would be bound by the law and would have to comply with it. He dismissed the question of affordability, emphasizing that the government’s obligation to adhere to the law takes precedence.

“When the bill is transformed into law, that’s when our efforts will intensify. I cannot speak on behalf of the government, but I can affirm that the law must be adhered to because laws are mandatory. Regardless of the government’s financial capacity, the binding nature of the law remains once it’s enacted,” he explained.

Lafene also confirmed that the negotiations involving the national labor body include active participation from the state chapters. In response to whether the state government could afford the N200,000 payment, the Chief Press Secretary to the Niger State Governor, Mr. Ibahim Bologi, stated that the state would handle the matter appropriately when it arises.

“Negotiations are currently underway at the national level, and adjustments might be made when it involves the states,” Bologi remarked.

He further mentioned that the newly appointed commissioner of information would provide insights on the matter after her initial Executive Council meeting.

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