No amount of prayers and fasting will cure HIV – Bisi Alimi

No amount of prayers and fasting will cure
HIV – Were the piece of advice of LGBTQ in the person of Bisi Alimi as he opens up on his health stigma.

The LGBTQ activist, Bisi Alimi made this disclosure known while sharing some words of advice that no amount of prayers and fasting will cure a person living with human immunodeficiency virus – HIV.

According to him, “Eighteen years ago, at the National AIDS conference in Abuja and with nudging from friends, I walked into a testing
booth for the first time. I walked out with HIV positive test result”

“Two years before then, I had just lost my best friend to AIDS, and he was around 26yrs, I have been living with HIV since I was 29, this year I clocked 47. Between 2004-2009, I kept quiet about my HIV status cos of shame and stigma”

“Then I realised, HIV doesn’t kill, it is stigma, the shame and tge discrimination that does. Here is to 18yrs of positivity and many more years to come. Please get tested today” he shared.

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