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Obiano Denied Me Of My Entitlement As Deputy Governor ~ Okeke

The deputy governor of Anambra State of this immediate past administration as well as a former lecturer at the institute of UNIZIK, DrNkem Okeke, has expressed his reasons behind him dumping the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) stating he needed a platform to serve at the national level of which the party APGA couldn’t offer him.

Okeke, departed the party before the conclusion of thegubernatorial election in the state in the month of November 2021 was full of praise as he shows his gratitude’s to his counterpart Willie Obiano for granting him the opportunity to serve the state.

This disclosure were made in a media briefing in Awka of which he expressed he had no regrets regarding him defecting to the All Progressives Congress stating that he never had the confidence of Obiano.

In the word of his mouth, “The governor is the all and all. The deputy dances to the whims and caprices of the governor. I have always believed in giving my best in whatever capacity I find myself. It has always been my plan to join the APC. It is the question of what i do next after serving as deputy governor.

“I don’t have any regrets joining the APC. I joined the party because I needed to play my politics at the national level and the two parties at the national level are the APC and the PDP. Ihave really gained national limelight since joining the party. The APC has welcomed me with open arms as I have beenparticipating in the activities of the party at all levels. I justhope that more opportunities will come.”

“There was massive pressure on Obiano to replace me as we were going for the second term, but he did not do so and that made me the only two-term deputy governor of the state. The eight years have come and gone although things did not reallywork out the way it was expected, but looking back, I have no regrets; I can only thank God and the people of Anambra,” he added.

He stated further “I was not even receiving my entitlements while I was serving and I am not sure I will get any severance allowance. I don’t even know what is there for me. In the last couple of months, before our administration came to an end, I wasn’t getting my overhead as the governor refused to sign theWarrant for my overhead”.

“But I am hoping that Governor Chukwuma Soludo will do that when the time comes. For now, I don’t want to add to his problems and if they don’t come eventually, life goes on. I didn’t join politics for entitlements, but to contribute my quota”.

“I thank God that I left the party as of the time I did. People blaming me for leaving or accusing me of betraying the party are not being fair to me.”

“I felt that after serving as deputy governor, what the next is. Would I continue to be in state politics or goto national politics and the question was if I wanted to go to national politics, would it be the APC or the PDP? Two of them are really the same, but I chose to join the party in power at the national level”.

“I knew some people were not happy with that decision, but I look at things from all perspectives. I put into consideration what the APC has done for the people of Anambra, particularlythe Second Niger Bridge, and I know what that bridge will do for our state when it is completed he concluded.

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