Possible Leakage of Information to Bandits by Military Insiders, Suspects Slain Corporal’s Brother

Soldiers Remembered and Laid to Rest: Families Share Their Grief and Hope

In a tragic incident on August 14, a group of 22 soldiers fell victim to a bandit ambush within the Shiroro Local Government Area of Niger State. The fallen soldiers were paid their final respects on Friday, with a somber ceremony held in Abuja. During separate conversations with SOLOMON ODENIYI, the relatives of three of the deceased soldiers provided poignant insights into the lives of these brave Nigerian Army personnel.

Adama Husseini Remembers a Beloved Brother

Adama Husseini, who is Cpl Adama Isaac’s older sibling, fondly recollects the warm and amiable nature of her younger brother. She remembers him as not just a devoted brother but also a caring father figure within the family. Adama Isaac’s unwavering commitment to his family’s well-being stands out, particularly his dedication to ensuring his children’s education. Adama Husseini believes that continuing this legacy of education would be a fitting tribute to his memory. She also emphasizes the importance of the government cleansing both the security and military systems to prevent future tragedies like this. While acknowledging the efforts of the Chief of Defence Staff to honor the fallen soldiers’ gallantry, Adama Husseini remains hopeful that the government will fulfill its promise of support to the grieving families.

Noami Abel Mourns a Promising Young Officer

Noami Abel, sibling of Lieutenant Usman Akali, expresses deep sorrow and disbelief over the untimely death of her brother. She highlights Lieutenant Akali’s pivotal role in their family and his enduring support, describing him as a wonderful and caring individual. Noami Abel voices her concern not just for the military but also for the entire nation, questioning the prevailing security situation and the loss of promising young lives. She calls upon the military leadership to address the underlying issues that contribute to these losses and urges them to safeguard the citizens who rely on them. Her message is a plea for collective action and introspection, emphasizing the need for the military to rise to its responsibility as the backbone of the nation.

Mohammed Alrawi Reflects on a True Warrior

Mohammed Alrawi, brother-in-law to Major Segun Abiodun Oni, pays tribute to the late officer’s admirable qualities as a respectful, diligent, and dedicated soldier. He describes Major Oni’s legacy as a true representation of a brave Nigerian officer and a loving family man. Mohammed Alrawi underscores the importance of establishing proper structures and support systems within the country to prevent avoidable losses like this. He expresses the family’s pain over the tragic loss while maintaining hope that Major Oni’s memory will drive positive change in the country. He emphasizes the necessity of protection, care, and equipment for the soldiers, who he believes can overcome the challenges they face with the right support.

As these grieving families share their memories, pain, and hopes, their words stand as a reminder of the sacrifices made by these soldiers and the urgent need for comprehensive change within the military and the nation at large.

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