Privacy Policy

This page talks on all the privacy policy of this website.

Wide Newspaper is a brand that respect users privacy and as well keeps it off the the public scene. Widenewspaper will never ask for any confidential information like bank card, ID etc, we only ask for email address, name and sometimes phone number so as to avoid spamming and limit bots visit rate. Secondly some information received by us or our ads platform (preferably AdSense by google) is to help us serve you better.

Please note, your information can/may be access by third party so as to serve you better.

We can at anytime make changes to this privacy policy, so do us good to always check our policy so as to adheres to Widenewspaper.

Wide newspaper on the long run might be moved to collect reliable data from our users at subsequent occasion, though widenewspaper would still remain the only party to own such data of yours provided at their disposal.
Our scope of privacy covers the following area.


Widenewspaper lovers are at liberty and express their point of view or opinion in the comm section of each an every post, and in order to utilize the full usage of such a feature as that, users must submit their valid email address alongside any other correlated data.


Just like every other online media platform, Widenewspaper also do utilize the use of an email newsletters to provide its followers with juicy news updates via their mail at the comfort of their home. And in order to be fully beneficial of such a feature, users must submit a few details of their data must importantly their email address.


Should at any point in time widenewspaper should choose to transfer ownership of its brand to Another online media outlets, it is Worthy to note that personal details of its users might follow suit as part of the assets to be traded in for.


As the brand widenewspaper advances in growth and outreach, it might get affiliated contains to some other sites, but even at that it is Worthy to note that our brand won’t be taking the full responsibilities of each an every privacy policy infringements of other sites.

  • Reasons For Information Being Collected?

subscribe to our newsletter for the sole aim of delivering juicy news updates straight to your mailbox while at the comfort of your home or workplace; at some other instances, whenever we needs our users feedback on a survey.

  • Do We Use Cookies?

Yes, undoubtedly widenewspaper do enable the use of cookies to draft out data of its users in regards to site traffic so as to come up with newer ideas to satisfy its audience users experiences.


By dwelling on this platform of wide newspaper, users have consented to each an every of our privacy policy.