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Religious Leaders Disagree With Asuu Over Strike


The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Rev.Ayokunle, has expressed his grievances with the Academic Staff Union ofbUniversities and the Federal Government over the ongoing strike by lecturers across universities in the country.

He further went on a acknowledge the fact that ASUU were impatient and disrespected him and the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Saad Abubakar, by going ahead with the proposed strike despite their involvements in the matter.

Speaking on Monday in Abuja during the first meeting of the council with the theme ‘Education for peace and nation building’.

He noted, “For me, I am not pleased enough with ASUU because they were impatient. I am the co-chairman and others went to meet with them, instead of them to be patient with us to know how to get the government to commit itself, they went ahead with the strike again while our intervention was going on”.

“To me, that was not respectful enough; that was the reason we e left them, but for how long shall we continue to allow the
impasse between ASUU and the government to continue?

“Our children are the ones suffering from this, and the future, because our future is the children God has given to us. How can they be playing with the future of these children like this?” he asked.

Furthermore, the chairman also refuted the Federal Government’s claim that it lacked the required fund to meet the demands of ASUU.

He added, “I think the government also does not allow us to believe that they don’t have the money. It was at that time when they were saying there is no money for ASUU that the government went and donated $1m to Afghanistan. How reasonable is that? When you have your own Afghanistan at home, you have not taken care of it, you are donating to another one” .

“We need to take a drastic decision about this impasse between ASUU and the Federal Government which is prolonging for months now without any solution.”

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