Russia – Ukraine War: Only Time Would Determine Who We Stand With ~ China


In the midst of crisis ravaging the ongoing war between Russia and neighboring country Ukraine, China prime minister Wang Yi has come out to disclose “time will prove that
China’s position is on the right side of history”

His opinion was made known in his interactive question and answer segments with reporters where he could be heard clearly stating

China will continue to make independent judgments based on the
merits of the matter and in an objective and fair attitude.
“We will never accept any external coercion and pressure, and we also oppose any groundless accusations and suspicions against China,”

He further went on to support his claims by stating that “the long-term solution is to abandon the Cold War
mentality, refrain from engaging in group confrontation, and truly form a balanced, effective and sustainable regional security architecture. Only in this way can long-term stability on the European continent be achieved.”

Today being the 20th day of march in the year 2022 officially makes it the 23rd day of this ongoing infamous war between Russia and neighborhood country Ukraine while figures of casualties still remains on the rise based on information presented by Various statistical data

In a recent briefing with various media houses in the land, Russian president Vladimir Putin disclosed that some conditions has been forwarded to his counterpart which is the Ukrainian president to bring an abrupt end to the war.

But unfortunately for the both parties involved in this crisis, the Ukrainian president isn’t ready to meet any such conditions anytime soon prompting Russian president Vladimir Putin to order the invasion of Ukraine by the military troops.


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