“Stop snitching on your friends and downgrading yourself” Kunle Afod’s wife,

“Stop snitching on your friends and downgrading yourself” were the words of advice put across by Desola Afod, wife of prominent Nollywood actor kunle Afod as she issue stern warning to an unknown personality

Making her opinion count, she noted posting and tagging people as ‘rich and generous’ doesn’t mean they would be generous to others.

Dropping a piece of advice for whosoever cares to listen and take serious, the wife of the prominent Nollywood actor Desola Afod noted.

“For the last time…. Stop snitching on your friends cos you wanna be friends with their other friends. Because we post people and tag them rich and generous doesn’t mean they will be generous to you when you famz them”


“Una go just dey downgrade una self dey show your level of stupidity” she added.

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