Subsidy Withdrawal: Senator Lawan Assures Nigerians that Increased Living Costs Are Temporary

Former Senate President, Senator Ahmad Lawan, has expressed optimism in the face of challenges caused by the removal of oil subsidy in Nigeria. He emphasized that Nigerians should remain hopeful despite the difficulties stemming from the federal government’s decision to eliminate petrol subsidy.

During an event where he initiated the distribution of 9,000 bags of grains as relief to his constituents in Yobe North Senatorial District, Lawan conveyed his sympathy for the Nigerian people who have been grappling with the increased cost of living following the subsidy removal. Nonetheless, he voiced his confidence that the policies of the President Bola Tinubu-led administration would eventually yield positive outcomes.

In a statement released by his Media Adviser, Ezrel Tabiowo, Lawan outlined that this initiative was carried out through his foundation, the Senator Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan (SAIL) Empowerment Foundation. The distribution took place at Filin Katuzu in the Bade local government area of Yobe State. The aid reached beneficiaries across 60 wards in the six local government areas of Yobe North Senatorial District, encompassing not only individuals with disabilities but also members of Muslim and Christian communities.

Lawan acknowledged the prevailing challenges, acknowledging the urgent need for sustenance among many. He underscored the federal government’s efforts to mitigate these challenges, including financial allocations to states and the provision of grains to various regions. The 9,000 bags of grains he distributed aimed to complement these measures and provide support to his community.

He expressed his hope that the difficulties arising from recent policy changes, particularly the removal of petroleum subsidy, would ultimately lead to favorable results. Despite the current hardships, Lawan envisioned a brighter future with improved infrastructure and living conditions across states and communities.

Highlighting the purpose of distributing grains as relief, Lawan explained that the initiative aimed to aid the most vulnerable members of his constituency, particularly those who struggle with high living costs and are unable to fend for themselves. He stressed the importance of fulfilling the responsibility of assisting those entrusted to his care.

Addressing the recipients of the aid, Lawan urged them to maintain their faith and stay positive, believing that the current situation is temporary and will eventually improve. He acknowledged that public policies often come with unintended consequences, but he emphasized the need to continue supporting the government at various levels during these challenging times. Lawan assured the beneficiaries that the difficulties they face will not persist indefinitely.

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