Tinubu Urges Newly Appointed Ministers to Embrace Diligence and Commitment

In a compelling call to action, President Bola Tinubu has impelled the recently appointed cabinet ministers to promptly embark on efforts to rejuvenate the nation’s prospects. Speaking on Monday during the inauguration of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting in Abuja, President Tinubu set forth a vigorous mandate for the assembled cabinet members.

“With our pool of talents and intellectual capacity, we possess the potential to enact a transformative change in our nation,” President Tinubu asserted. “The expectations are substantial, and thus we must labor industriously, pledge our dedication, and forge a robust economy that caters to every Nigerian.”

The president emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration within the ministerial team, underscoring that through unwavering focus on their respective duties, the nation would rapidly forge ahead.

“Each of you is an integral part of this collective effort. While we each hold sway within our designated domains, our success hinges on your cohesive endeavors,” he articulated. “Should you remain resolute, our journey will culminate in a brighter destination, with profound benefits for our nation.”

Tinubu further underscored the imperative of harnessing the nation’s innate resources to enhance the lives of its citizens.

“Our nation’s energy and natural endowments must be harnessed optimally. We are tasked with self-sufficiency, emerging from challenges, prioritizing education and healthcare, and engaging in pivotal social investments that propel our populace’s growth,” he affirmed.

In mapping out the nation’s economic trajectory, he noted, “Our economic programs delineate our core priorities. Each facet is accorded precedence, with you at the helm, steering these priorities to fruition for the nation and the entire African continent.”

The president’s vision encompassed achieving anticipated economic growth, assuaging hunger, and capitalizing on existing resources to meet the needs of the Nigerian populace. “Our people must be fed, our resources leveraged and expanded, in the pursuit of fulfilling the needs of Nigerians,” he articulated.

Tinubu vowed to remain receptive to the desires and aspirations of the Nigerian populace, pledging adjustments as necessary. He encouraged the ministers to display audacity in formulating decisions that advance the nation’s progress.

“My willingness to listen remains steadfast. As I affirmed to the Nigerian Bar Association recently, I’m open even to course corrections, recognizing that only divinity is faultless. The courage to decide is an essential aspect of leadership,” he affirmed.

Highlighting the nation’s pressing challenges in security, unemployment, and food security, President Tinubu assured that these issues would be addressed comprehensively to alleviate the citizens’ plight.

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